EP #7 – Applying Acting Skills to Deliver Exceptional Guest Service

Think Like Applying Acting Skills to Deliver Exceptional Guest Service with Phil Bartruff.

Phil is a hospitality veteran and a seasoned actor. He’s taken the lessons he’s learned in his time in the acting world and applied them to his hospitality career. On today’s show, he shares what those lessons are and how you too can relate the finer points of acting to the world of hospitality.

Essential Learning Points From This Show:

  • How did Phil transition from acting to hospitality full-time?
  • Does he use his degree in theater today?
  • The only people who are insincere in this industry are who?
  • Why it doesn’t matter that you make mistakes.
  • Was he really caught in bed with Paula Abdul?!
  • And so much more!

Phil originally started in hospitality as a food server in a hotel in Los Angeles. He had earned his degree in Fine Arts, saved some money and moved to LA to pursue his dream of acting. He spent his mornings and early afternoons working, then went to auditions after like so many other hopeful actors.

One day he met a gal and they began dating. After some time she told him he should really commit to acting or let it go. After they married he went into hospitality full-time. He jokes his wife really liked having food, clothing, and shelter on a consistent basis so he pursued hospitality, rather than acting!

He then worked in room service, the front desk, and sales. He settled into the operations side and spent 15 years there before going to work on the corporate side with IHG for another 15 years. For over 30 years now he’s been on the operations side of hospitality and has learned a lot about how to integrate acting with memorable guest service.

At one point during those 30 years, he started thinking about how few people actually use the education they got in college to further their career. He realized he used his theater and acting training all day, every day in his work and he’s grateful to have earned his fine arts degree!

On today’s episode, Phil gives some tips he’s learned along the way, the difference between being insincere and acting plus his suggestions for ways to develop your skills to act the part of your job in your workplace.

One of the most important things Phil has learned along the way is the value of communication. Whether you’re acting or working in hospitality it’s about engaging with people and making real, genuine connections. People always remember how you made them feel and by taking a sincere interest in them and paying attention to details you make them feel valued, which is truly a memorable experience for anyone.

One of the other suggestions Phil to develop your acting skills is to have fun! There will always be ups and downs and challenges, but you can always have fun along the way. And if you aren’t having fun anymore it’s time to dig deep and look at why.

Also on today’s show he also explains why it’s okay to make mistakes, how to be confident and the difference it makes and he also opens up about the rumor he was caught in bed with Paula Abdul! You’ll have to tune in to hear the story behind that rumor, and so much more from Phil on episode 7 of Hospitality Academy.

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