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EP #41 – Creating a Customer Service Culture with Micah Solomon

Creating a Customer Service Culture with Micah Solomon In this episode, Susan is joined by Micah Solomon, a world-renowned consultant and trainer in customer service, consumer trends, and company culture. He is the author of IGNORE YOUR CUSTOMERS (AND THEY’LL GO AWAY): The Simple Playbook for Delivering the Ultimate Customer Service Experience (2020). “Company culture”…

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EP #40 – Crisis Readiness for the Hospitality Industry

Crisis Management Strategist Melissa Agnes Understanding what it takes to be crisis-ready is essential for any organization, but in the hospitality industry, we are especially vulnerable to crisis and must proactively train our teams to be prepared for any and all foreseeable events. In this episode, Susan is joined by crisis management strategist Melissa Agnes.…

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EP #39 – The Power of Moments with Author Chip Heath

How To Create Defining Moments Without Breaking the Bank.   In a world full of cell phones, crystal clear video, and instant gratification, creating an impactful guest experience is harder than ever. The good news is there are still ways to create defining moments that connect with your guests, are cost-effective, and create memories and…

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