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The Hospitality Academy Podcast

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Each episode focuses on a specific challenge and shares best practices for making your life as hospitality professional just a little easier.

032: Effective Interviewing Techniques with Jody Rogers

Hiring the best candidate for the job takes more than just relying on your gut feelings or instincts.  Effective interviewing techniques are essential to making the right selection in the hiring process.  Your decisions can have long-lasting consequences, both good and bad.  With the right amount of planning, well thought-out questions, and careful consideration, you…

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031: Creating Career Magic In The Hospitality Industry, with Lee Cockerell

If you could gain some hospitality career advice from the former Executive Vice-President of Operations for Walt Disney World Resort, what do you think you’d learn? You’re about to find out on today’s show! Joining us for episode 31 is Lee Cockerell, a man who worked his way from a banquet waiter at the Hilton…

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030: Social Media Influence on Hotel Marketing, Jerry Williams

On episode 29 of Hospitality Academy Amanda Singer talked about the importance of digital marketing, and today we’re digging in even deeper with Jerry Williams of IHG on the topic of hotel marketing. Jerry is a former colleague of mine, and he is here to discuss the influence of social media on hotel marketing. Specifically,…

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