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024: Succeeding In Urban Neighborhoods, with Imran Jivani

One of the latest trends in hotel management is fulfilling guests’ desires for an authentic and “locals” type experience. Couple that with the growing popularity of AirBnB, some hotels are moving into and investing in urban neighborhoods. I could think of no one better to speak to this topic than Imran Jivani of Hotel Chicago…

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023: The Complete Customer Experience, with Tony Bodoh

Working in the hospitality industry we all know reviews are critical. But do you know the specific ways to go from 3-star reviews to 4-star and even 5-star? Or what it means if you are regularly receiving below 3-stars, and what you should be fixing in your hotel in order to improve guest reviews? On…

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022: Guest Service Training In a Social Media Era, with Doug Kennedy

Today more than ever customer service training is crucial to the success of any hotel, motel or other hospitality establishment. In an era of viral videos and online rating reviews, every guest can be someone who will sing your praises to thousands or create your worst nightmare. Here to help navigate these waters is Doug…

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